Sunday, December 18, 2011

My sister, Caitlyn, is a beauty.

This sister of mine... she's a great gal. She has curly girl hair, and a cute freckly nose. I know one thing is for sure, she's the best sister a sister could ask for. If you've read any of my earlier post, you know that we had a funny childhood. Dog dress up days up the wazoo. If you want to get to know her.. (which trust me people, you do) here is a peek into this beautiful ladies life.

Favorite Color? Maroon 

Age? 16

Style? Country Vintage with an Earthy-Indian-Pocahauntous flair. 

Things you can't resist? Dogs. Animals in general. Lindor Chocolate. A sexy man with an attractive personality.

#1 guilty pleasure? Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

Favorite food? Cranberries, grapes, snicker bar, raspberry tea, honeynut cheerios, & ice milk. 

Something weird I do when no one is looking? Sing/ Harmonize to any song I hear. 

Something most people don't know about me is...? I'm really really excited to build/design my own house someday.

Favorite hobby? I like crafts, watching movies, and just being mellow & relaxing. 

I wish I could...? Have better public speaking skills. & have a vertical of 5 feet. 

Pet peeve? Making final decisions... for example what I want for Christmas, for my Birthday, or for anything that has no turning back. People that lie. 

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