Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Courtz Quartz

I've decided to become an avid rock collector. I got the idea on Monday, when I found a Quartz at a thrift store. I've always loved anything outdoorsie. Infact, when I was younger my siblings and I tried to have a "rock sale." Typically, you drive by a house with a cluster of kids in the front yard trying to sell you lemonade for 50 cents. When you drove by our household, you saw a little cardboard sign that read, "Rocks & Bugs for sale."

Here's to starting a new hobby; rock collecting.

Rock 1: Quartz

Quartz are typically colorless with a possible purple or rose tone. It is the most common mineral found on earth. This rock is unique, and has many forms, habits, and colors. Quartz has a Vitreous Luster, which means it will reflect light such as glass will. Three key ingredients are present when creating this pretty formation; the earth's crust, oxygen, and silicon. When you lay a hand on this rock, it's cool to the touch. This is from it's high thermo-conductivity nature. Way back when, the Indian's believed that Quartz were cool to the touch because they were permanently frozen ice.
Science has come such a long way since then. Quartz have been around, that we know of, for over 4,000 years. Which means my very own Quartz, which cost me .88 cents, could have been held by an ancient person. The possibilities are endless.

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