Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lips for Spring

I've have most recently opened my eyes (and become a little obsessed) to the world of lipstick. And let me tell you, I love it! Before getting into this mess, I never knew which color to choose. Ladies.... you know how it is. You're standing in the makeup section for hours, contemplating which things will look best. I'm here to solve all your problems, well at least a few of them I hope!

I've narrowed all my findings into three categories of lip colors for your skin tone: Fair, Medium, & Dark. Now, lets play with some color!

Fair Skin-tone: These lovely ladies look best in lip colors in shades of neutrals, apricot shades, pinks, and light corals. Stay away from all lip color that may appear brown.

Medium Skin-tone: These women can go a bit darker. You can go into the rose, mauve, and berry pallets. Skip the reds, and instead go for a dark burgundy.

Dark Skin-tone: Deep plum, dark red, or chocolate look wonderful on Dark Skin-toned women. If you're going glam, you'll look drop dead gorgeous in red.

Do you have one of these skin-tones and enjoy wearing a certain color? Let us know!

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