Create your own wall decor
1. Gather Materials: Colored Paint, crackle Paint, large paint brush, small paint brush, shape stencil, canvas, & letter stencils. 
2. Buy canvas (you choose size) (I got mine at the thrift store for $1)
3. Place stenciled letters onto canvas.
4. With letter stencils still on, cover canvas with crackle paint (it is clear).
5. Allow crackle paint to dry for 15 minutes, then put on a layer of your colored paint.
6. The paint should start to crackle after 4 minutes.
7. Peel off stencil letters.

8. Handwrite part of your lettering if you choose.
9. Place the stencil with the shape onto your canvas, and use dabbing motions to put on paint.
10. Repeat stencil pattern if you choose. 
11. Find a cute place to put your new wall decor!!
Add elbow patches to your sweater!
I got this idea here!
Seriously, how adorable, right? Not only this is insanely darling, but it 
takes 10 minutes. What more could you want?
Materials: sweater, fabric, scissors, paper, needle, & thread. 
1. Put on your sweater, using a permanent marker, place a mark where 

your elbows are. 
2. Using your paper, cut out a heart. (Or any other shape too! :)) 
3. Make sure the heart you cut out fits on your sweater.
4. Place your heart on your fabric, and cut out. 

5. Place the fabric heart on the spot you marked with permanent marker. 
6. Using your needle & thread, sew on your heart. Be sure to only sew 
through one side of your sweater!
7. Do the second sleeve. 

You'll find so much satisfaction doing this DIY project yourself. You may 
surprise yourself! Besides, everyone wants 3 hearts, right?

Cost: $ .35DIY Bow Ties

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