Wednesday, April 4, 2012

10 Crafts of Christmas

DAY 1: Floating Wall Decor

Materials: Curtains, Curtain Hooks, Burlap/String, Picture Frames, Trinkets

Cost: $6.00

Day 2: Decorative Crates

Materials: Paint, Crates, Burlap

I found both these crates at a thrift store for $.50! They used to be a weird white color, I decided to paint them maroon (A color I already had). Then I added a little piece of burlap to the corner of one crate to give it a little pop of texture. So easy!

Cost: $1.00

Day 3: Bow-Tie

Materials: Fabric (thrift store), button, & Hot Glue Gun

1. Cut Rectangular strip of fabric
2. Fold both edges of fabric to center & hot glue
3. Pinch middle of rectangle
4. Wrap small strip of fabric around middle

Cost: $. 35

Day 4 & 5: Coasters

Materials: Old rope (any color), hot glue gun

Here's the thing... I found all this sweet rope at a thrift store. I had so much of it I didn't know what to do with it.

That's when, coasters came to mind. 

Cost: $ .50

Day 6: Flower Bracelet

Materials: Buttons, Fabric, Hot Glue

1. Make a fabric flower
2. Glue Fabric flower onto a strip of fabric that goes around your wrist.
3. Tie on bracelet clasps
4. Glue on buttons
Great for Christmas presents!
Cost: $. 60

Day 7: Crocheting

Materials: Crochet hook, yarn

These past couple days I've been working on a blanket. I'm not very far yet, but here's what I've got so far! 

I'm using a half double crochet stitch. If you are interested in learning how to, here is a video tutorial from youtube. Click here. It's SO easy! Give it a shot and sooner or later you will be crocheting like a granny. 

Day 8: Wine Bottles

Materials: Wine Bottles, Lights

This is a cute simple crafty touch for any room. Since my parents bought the wine & my dad gave me the lights... this project was FREE!!! 

Day 9: Magazine Holder

Materials: Magazine Rack, Paint, Stencil

I had bought this magazine rack at a thrift store, let me tell you people... it looked like it had been sitting in an old woman's living room one too many years. I loved the design & its vintage flare. The nasty brown color had to go, I freshened it up with a medium green. I added on a dark maroon vintage stencil. 

Cost: $2.00

Day 10: Nuts & Bolts Necklace

Materials: Twigs, rope, acrylic paint, nuts & bolts.

Cost: $1.50

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