Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Everyone LOVES free stuff!!!

Who is ready to win a free pair of Corki Designs feather earrings?

Corki Designs is a small jewelry & accessories line I started several years ago. I'm anxious to share my love of creating with you! 

To be considered for the giveaway you must.....

1. Follow Unhinged Vintage (I wouldn't want you to miss future giveaways!)
2. Comment on this post by answering the following questions
  • Name?
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  • Hobbies?
3. Visit the Corki Designs Facebook page, here. And 'like' your favorite accessory or piece of jewelry.

Thanks for entering! I can't wait to giveaway these fab little earrings. 

Winner will be chosen Friday, July 20th. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Diets are dumb

There are a couple things I have been 100% sure of my entire life. One of which is "diets are dumb." Women, especially, find themselves going on a diet or slimming down for that special occasion. It is silly. Unfortunately, that "quick" weight you lost will just get piled back on.. and then some.

Our bodies need nutrients...proteins, carbs & fats. Yes, I said fats. So many people think if they cut all fat from their diet or eat low-fat items that they will lose weight or be healthy. That way of thinking is wrongggggggggg. Infact, a lot of low-fat items have more calories than the normal items.

By eating a balanced meal, with a protein, carb & fat, you will stay fuller longer.

I'm starting to preach (clearly I'm passionate about health ha!) I'm going to shut my yapper & share this photo with you.

Every diet I've ever heard of is short-term... "do this for 16 days... 3 months" blah blah blah. How about giving your body the treatment it deserves? I love that idea. Skinny Rules for a lifetime. Put healthy foods into your body in order to get a healthy body. Your body will love you, trust me.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Welcome Friends!

I must say....it seems every time I log on, my blog is growing! It makes me so happy to see both new and familiar faces following :) Welcome everyone.. thanks for exploring my little blog.

I like instagram, a lot. I mean lets get real, who could resist that cute little camera with the rainbow sticker? Not this girl!

Here's my week in instagram. :) Follow me: courtmart12