Friday, May 11, 2012

Top Five Friday: "Is he into you?"

It's a lovely Friday evening... if your like me, your spending it with a special guy. My boyfriend, Mr. Wonderful, is who inspired me to write today's Top 5 Friday. His charming self surprised me today... which might I add is hard to do! He had the idea to help me write this blog post, which of course I was thrilled about! Our topic: "is he into you?" Ladies.... this may be a once in a lifetime opportunity. You get to witness, from a guys perspective, the signs he will give to show that he is into you.

Top 5 Signs He's into You

1. When he looks directly into your eyes

2. He will pull out the chair and open the car door for you: It shows he respect you. 

3. When he takes care of you when your sick: Two and half year ago when Court got her wisdom teeth out, I sat and watched movies with her all day. And restocked the bags of frozen peas for her swollen cheeks. 

4. When a guy suffers through a day of shopping to be with his lady: Clearly shopping isn't a guys first pick, when he choses to go with you he's into you.

5. When a guy simply says, "You look beautiful today." 

xoxo Andrew & Court

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  1. When he puts up with the crazy, gun baring dad for 3 years......he must be into you!