Friday, April 20, 2012

Top 5 Friday: Swimsuits for your body type

Women dread May for one reason, it's swimsuit shopping time. Don't dread it this year! Instead, slip into something that makes you look & feel beautiful. The perfect accessories to go with a beautifully fit swimsuit, are a smile and walk of confidence. Strut your stuff, ladies!

Narrow shoulders and waist, Full hips.
    Opt for anything that shows off your petite shoulders! Strapless Bikinis look great on you. When buying a swimsuit go for tops and bottoms that are sold separately, that way you can get two different sizes.

    Inverted Triangle                                    
    Broad Shoulders tapper down into small hips.
      Go for bikinis that offer a lot of support, such as thicker straps. Avoid wearing strapless tops and draw the attention to your tiny hips with a fun pattern! Also, shop for bikinis that are sold separately so that you can buy different sizes.

      Narrow shoulders & hips, Full waist. 

      Vertical stripes & dark colors are always beautiful on these women.  Opt for thick straps for support, and belts of patterns that cinch at the waist!

      Shoulders & hips are same width.

      Because we have more of a boyish figure, opt for swimsuits that have feminine touches such as a floral pattern or ruffles! Since Boyish Framed woman typically don’t have a large bust, you can create an illusion of a larger bust by having ruffles or pads on your top.

      You luck lady, you can wear anything!Curvy hips & bust, Narrow waist.

      These women should shop for a swimsuit like they would for a bra. Make sure you find support, which may include buying a swimsuit with underwire or built in cups.

      Friday, April 13, 2012

      Top 5 Friday: Quick Tricks for a Bikini Ready Bod

      1. Kneeling One-Arm Side Kick
      For a tighter: Chest, Shoulders, Glutes, & Obliques.
      • Come to hands and knees with palms directly under shoulders and extend let leg behind you to hip height.

      • Grasp a 2-poud dumbbell in right hand and lift right arm out to the side to shoulder level.

      • Keeping hips, head, and arms stable, kick left leg out to the side as far as you can without rocking or using momentum.

      • Hold for 2 counts.

      • Return leg to starting position (keep arm lifted) and repeat 10 times. 

      2. Half-Seated Hip Circle
      For tighter: Abs, Thighs, & Obliques.
      • Lean back on elbows, abs tight, fingers cupping sides of hips to keep still.

      • Extend legs 60 degrees, keeping lower back pressed to the ground.

      • Point toes, press inner thighs together, and trace 10 large clockwise circles in the air with both feet, then trace 10 counterclockwise circles.

      3. Front Lift
      For tighter: Thighs, Glutes, Calves, Abs, & Shoulders.
      • Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, arms at your sides.

      • Optional Challenge: Hold 2-pound dumbbells.

      • Lift arms overhead, palms facing in, lifting right leg from the hip until it’s parallel to the ground.

      • Hold for 2 counts, then drop right foot into a front lunge.

      4. Leg Pull/Push-Up
      For a tighter: Chest, Back, Arms, Abs, & Glutes.
      • Come to full push-up position with hands under shoulders and draw abdominals in toward spine.

      • Lift left leg to hip height (point toes) or slightly higher. Lift and lower left leg 5 times.

      • Repeat leg lifts on right side.

      • Extend left leg, bend elbows, and slowly lower chest 4 inches toward the ground; straighten arms. 

      • Do 5 push-ups with left leg lifted, then lower.

      • Do 5 more push-ups with right leg lifted.

      5. Double-Leg Kick
      For tighter: Arms, Thighs, Glutes, Back, & Abs.
      • Lie facedown and either clasp hands or hold a light dumbbell behind back. 

      • Bend knees and bring shins perpendicular to ground, toes pointed. 

      • Bring heels to glutes twice in short kicks.

      • On the third kick, lift chest off ground and extend arms straight back to hover an inch above your glutes. Straighten legs, contract thighs and glutes, and lift legs 2 inches; hold for 2 counts.

      • Lower chest, head and arms; return feet to starting position.

      • Repeat 10 times.


      Wednesday, April 11, 2012

      Lips for Spring

      I've have most recently opened my eyes (and become a little obsessed) to the world of lipstick. And let me tell you, I love it! Before getting into this mess, I never knew which color to choose. Ladies.... you know how it is. You're standing in the makeup section for hours, contemplating which things will look best. I'm here to solve all your problems, well at least a few of them I hope!

      I've narrowed all my findings into three categories of lip colors for your skin tone: Fair, Medium, & Dark. Now, lets play with some color!

      Fair Skin-tone: These lovely ladies look best in lip colors in shades of neutrals, apricot shades, pinks, and light corals. Stay away from all lip color that may appear brown.

      Medium Skin-tone: These women can go a bit darker. You can go into the rose, mauve, and berry pallets. Skip the reds, and instead go for a dark burgundy.

      Dark Skin-tone: Deep plum, dark red, or chocolate look wonderful on Dark Skin-toned women. If you're going glam, you'll look drop dead gorgeous in red.

      Do you have one of these skin-tones and enjoy wearing a certain color? Let us know!

      Friday, April 6, 2012

      10 Simple ways to be H a p p i e r

      1. Practice Mindfulness. Be in the moment. Instead of worrying about your homework tomorrow, focus on the here and now-the food, the company, the conversation.

      2. Laugh out loud. Just anticipating a happy, funny night can raise endorphin levels.

      3. Go to sleep. We've all become sleep-deprived people. Take a nap or go to bed at 8pm. A night with a good book, or getting a few hours of extra shuteye can turn that frown upside down.

      4. Hum along. Music soothes the sole, it's true. Studies find that music activates parts of the brain that produce happiness.

      5. Just say no. Eliminate activities that aren't necessary. Make your no's no, and your yes's yes. Step down and let someone else handle things if your over loaded.

      6. Make a list. There is no better feeling than making a list, and checking it off. Lists help organize your thoughts and calm anxiety.

      7. Do one thing at a time. Instead of thinking about things in advance, take one step at a time. People who multitask are more likely to be stressed.

      8. Nurture something. Just the thought of accomplishing something brings happiness. Try planting a new plant (or succulent!). Watch it grow before your eyes, knowing you were the one behind it.

      9. Take a dog for a walk. Not only do dogs and fresh air make you happier, but so does exercise. Boost up your cardio with your best pooch.

      10. Spend time alone. Relationships and day-to-day conversations can charge you, but everyone needs time to re-charge. Spend some time alone today to reflect and re-charge.

      Top Five Friday: Foods for Healthier Hair

      We've all been there...its been months and your hair hasn't grown an inch! What's the problem? It could be the foods you're putting into your body. Try these five foods for healthier hair. 

      1. Salmon
      • Filled with Omega-3 fatty acid (protein filled with vitamin B-12 and iron)
      2. Dark Green Vegetables
      • If you're a veggie lover like I am, this tip is good for you. 
      • Veggies are loaded with Vitamin A & C which produce sebum (bodies natural oil substance)
      3. Beans
      • Protein, iron, zinc, biotin... what more could your hair want?
      4. Eggs
      • It doesn't matter if you like your eggs scrambled, fried, or over easy. Dish them up for healthier hair! They have biotin and vitamin B-12
      5. Low-Fat Dairy Products
      • Skim milk and yogurt are a wonderful source of calcium. 
      • They have whey and casein (both are high protein sources)

      Now introducing.... TOP 5 Friday!

      Top Five Friday is a time to share, learn, and be inspired. Each and every friday there will be a new Top Five post ranging anywhere from: DIY, health, beauty, crafts, thrifty finds, design, vintage inspirations and anywhere in between.

      Stay tuned for each Top Five Friday post!

      Wednesday, April 4, 2012

      Energy Blasting Foods

      1. Brown Rice

       - Rich in Manganese (The mineral that produces energy all day).

      -Serve with lean proteins and veggies for a balanced meal.                          

      2. Sweet Potatoes

      -Loaded with beta-carotene (Vitamin A) and Vitamin C.
      -Helps fight midday drowsiness.
      -Toss with a little olive oil for a healthier alternative to french fries.

      3. Honey

      - It's low on the glycemic index, and a natural sweetener with time-released muscle fuel during exercise.
      - Helps replenish muscles post-workout.

      4. Bananas

      -Composed of mostly sugar they are a fool-proof energy food.
      -Add peanut butter or almond butter (protein) for a stable afternoon snack.

      10 Crafts of Christmas

      DAY 1: Floating Wall Decor

      Materials: Curtains, Curtain Hooks, Burlap/String, Picture Frames, Trinkets

      Cost: $6.00

      Day 2: Decorative Crates

      Materials: Paint, Crates, Burlap

      I found both these crates at a thrift store for $.50! They used to be a weird white color, I decided to paint them maroon (A color I already had). Then I added a little piece of burlap to the corner of one crate to give it a little pop of texture. So easy!

      Cost: $1.00

      Day 3: Bow-Tie

      Materials: Fabric (thrift store), button, & Hot Glue Gun

      1. Cut Rectangular strip of fabric
      2. Fold both edges of fabric to center & hot glue
      3. Pinch middle of rectangle
      4. Wrap small strip of fabric around middle

      Cost: $. 35

      Day 4 & 5: Coasters

      Materials: Old rope (any color), hot glue gun

      Here's the thing... I found all this sweet rope at a thrift store. I had so much of it I didn't know what to do with it.

      That's when, coasters came to mind. 

      Cost: $ .50

      Day 6: Flower Bracelet

      Materials: Buttons, Fabric, Hot Glue

      1. Make a fabric flower
      2. Glue Fabric flower onto a strip of fabric that goes around your wrist.
      3. Tie on bracelet clasps
      4. Glue on buttons
      Great for Christmas presents!
      Cost: $. 60

      Day 7: Crocheting

      Materials: Crochet hook, yarn

      These past couple days I've been working on a blanket. I'm not very far yet, but here's what I've got so far! 

      I'm using a half double crochet stitch. If you are interested in learning how to, here is a video tutorial from youtube. Click here. It's SO easy! Give it a shot and sooner or later you will be crocheting like a granny. 

      Day 8: Wine Bottles

      Materials: Wine Bottles, Lights

      This is a cute simple crafty touch for any room. Since my parents bought the wine & my dad gave me the lights... this project was FREE!!! 

      Day 9: Magazine Holder

      Materials: Magazine Rack, Paint, Stencil

      I had bought this magazine rack at a thrift store, let me tell you people... it looked like it had been sitting in an old woman's living room one too many years. I loved the design & its vintage flare. The nasty brown color had to go, I freshened it up with a medium green. I added on a dark maroon vintage stencil. 

      Cost: $2.00

      Day 10: Nuts & Bolts Necklace

      Materials: Twigs, rope, acrylic paint, nuts & bolts.

      Cost: $1.50

      DIY Leg Warmers

      Materials: Ugly sweater from a thrift store and scissors

      This is my ugly sweater of choice, I went for a neutral taupe color. (Great for my brown boots!) I got this sweater for .95 cents at a thrift store. 

      All you do is cut the sleeves of the sweater to your preferred length. It's that easy! I'll be sporting them tomorrow!

      Total Cost: .95 cents

      DIY Mustache Mug

      The dorm I live in at school, had an event at a Pottery Painting place. It's amazing the ideas you can get off Pinterest!

      DIY Wall Art

      Materials: Wood Slab from thrift store (mine was an old cutting board), an ink pad, and a set of letter stamps.

      1. Find a cheap slab of wood, a piece of canvas, or anything flat!
      2. Get a set of letter stamps and the color ink you want. ( I already had a set  from Hobby Lobby)
      3. Figure out the saying, quote, or Bible Verse you want on your wall art.
      4. Stamp the words onto your piece of wood.
      5. When finished spray with hair spray. (This will set the ink so that it doesn't run.)
      6. Find a nice place to put it in your house or apartment :)

      I decided to put my favorite Bible verse on there. "So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. What is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal." 2 Corinthians 4:18

      Cost: $.88