Thursday, December 8, 2011

"I love smiling... smiling is my favorite"

It's nearly Christmas Break and it seems as if these last few days are taking an eternity. Only two more finals stand before me and SENIOR year. I can hardly believe how fast the time has flown by. It seems like just yesterday I was saying goodbye to all my friends back home to make the trek up to Judson. In a year from now I'll be a big girl---out in the real world---a fish out of water.  It reminds me of that commercial... "I'm a big kid now!" Even though those cheesy commercials are classic, let's talk about something even more exciting.

This Christmas Season I've decided to start a new tradition. It shall be called the "12 crafts of christmas." The twelve days before Christmas I will be doing a new craft each day. Check for those updates on the DIY tab!

Sometimes I feel like Buddy above, UNPREPARED for Christmas. 
When it comes to getting giddy about Christmas, Buddy the Elf does it best. Need a little inspiration? Check out his video. 

Christmas Break Bucket List

1. Ice Fishing with my dad & brothers
2. Sledding
3. Build a Snowman
4. Snuggle with my Sister
5. Teach the dogs a new trick
6. Have out-of-this-world New Year's Plans!You know who you are :)
7. Make Christmas Cookies with my Mom
8. Sing Christmas Songs with my family in the car
9. Bake with my Grandma
10. Jump on the Trampoline in the snow with my little brother
11. 12 crafts of christmas!!!
12. Have sushi at lest 10 times. YUM!
13. Volunteer at the animal shelter
14. Have Coffee with a friend I haven't talked to in a while
15. Work (gotta make the $$$$)
16. Learn how to Knit
17. Read the Word.
18. Don't think about school
19. Write people cards. (I like making homemade ones!) (Message me your address & I'll send you one)
20. Create more Corki Designs!

It would be quite wonderful to have all 20 of these things happen. And guess what? They are going to! Make your own Christmas Bucket List & make it happen!

Need a new Christmas Jam? Check this one out. Be careful though, it might get stuck in your head.

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