Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Step back in time

It's been raining NON-stop. all day long. from sunrise to sunset. Even though this weather makes me want to curl up with a crochet stick & yarn, I was busy. Worked till 5. When I got home, the puppies were anxiously awaiting my arrival, or the arrival of anyone who wanted to play tug-o-war. Kaiya started howling, it was adorable. Kobi gave me the puppy dog eyes. So I let them out & took them outside. It was a muddy mess out there. My boots were getting soaked & muddy. Then I just kinda laughed at myself, because there I was, December 14th, and it is pouring down rain. How often does that happen? Seldom. I decided to go grab the frisbee and have fun with it. There we were... Kaiya, Kobi, & I.. out in the rain playing frisbee. We all ran back inside, anxious to get out the rain. A while later, Matt & my mom came home. Matt had a yoyo, and was messing around with it. He could not wait to show me his new moves, and when I say cannot wait, I mean CANNOT wait. I was on the phone, and he stood in front of me, insisting he keep showing me while I was talking. What a little squirt. After he finished doing his tricks, I picked up the yoyo trying to recall all the grade school tricks I learned from my friends. The memories flowed back. I was doing Cats in the cradle when Matt glanced over. "Court!!!! You can do that. Awww that's so cool, I've always wanted to do it. It's so hard. How do you know how? I can't believe it, you know that Court!" He was so cute, I just wanted to pinch his cheeks. I said,"Ya know Matt I was a kid once too." It's strange to think he had probably never thought of that before, that his older sister, was once his age. It was a light bulb moment. When it dawned on me, that I had never thought about that either. My grandma, was once my age. My Mom, was once my age. My dad. My grandpa. Aunt's. Uncle's. I wonder what they were like?

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