Friday, April 20, 2012

Top 5 Friday: Swimsuits for your body type

Women dread May for one reason, it's swimsuit shopping time. Don't dread it this year! Instead, slip into something that makes you look & feel beautiful. The perfect accessories to go with a beautifully fit swimsuit, are a smile and walk of confidence. Strut your stuff, ladies!

Narrow shoulders and waist, Full hips.
    Opt for anything that shows off your petite shoulders! Strapless Bikinis look great on you. When buying a swimsuit go for tops and bottoms that are sold separately, that way you can get two different sizes.

    Inverted Triangle                                    
    Broad Shoulders tapper down into small hips.
      Go for bikinis that offer a lot of support, such as thicker straps. Avoid wearing strapless tops and draw the attention to your tiny hips with a fun pattern! Also, shop for bikinis that are sold separately so that you can buy different sizes.

      Narrow shoulders & hips, Full waist. 

      Vertical stripes & dark colors are always beautiful on these women.  Opt for thick straps for support, and belts of patterns that cinch at the waist!

      Shoulders & hips are same width.

      Because we have more of a boyish figure, opt for swimsuits that have feminine touches such as a floral pattern or ruffles! Since Boyish Framed woman typically don’t have a large bust, you can create an illusion of a larger bust by having ruffles or pads on your top.

      You luck lady, you can wear anything!Curvy hips & bust, Narrow waist.

      These women should shop for a swimsuit like they would for a bra. Make sure you find support, which may include buying a swimsuit with underwire or built in cups.

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