Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tiny Treasures

Today was great. One of those days I will remember forever. Cait and I jumped in my car, and drove. With no destination in sight, we found exactly where we needed to be. We drove through Sunnyland down into East Peoria, hoping to find a cute little shop. That is exactly what we found. If you live in the area, and enjoy vintage collectables as much as I do, here's the directions! Christie's. This place was a fairy tail, more than 50 venders! Each station had it's own personal touch. My sister & I spend several hours in there, and still could have kept looking. I began talking to the woman who owned the place, asking her how long they had been there. They'd been there almost 7 years! We couldn't believe we had missed out on it this whole time.

Vintage Trunk, I've always wanted one! Today was my lucky day. I"m surprised this adorable trunk hadn't been sold already, I found in under some quilted blankets. 

2 Green Lanters, and a Jar of Buttons. I plan on using the two lanterns in a DIY project this Christmas (Check out the 12 Crafts of Christmas later this month!) 

Last... but certainly not least. 7 vintage cameras. All seven cameras were in a crate, but only one camera was priced. It's price was $20.00. I took the crate up to the front counter, asking how much they'd like for 3 of the cameras. She smiled, and said, "How about $20 for all of them!" My jaw most likely hit the ground. Curious, I wanted to know a little history behind each of the 7 cameras. I jumped online, and researched. Above are only 3 of the cameras, but the one on the left is from the 1920's! When I researched the camera on the left, the lens was worth $375! The camera on the right is actually a video camera. Hand crank & all! The other 4 cameras are from the 40's, 50's, and 60's. Such beautiful & rare pieces of history. 

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