Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Everyone LOVES free stuff!!!

Who is ready to win a free pair of Corki Designs feather earrings?

Corki Designs is a small jewelry & accessories line I started several years ago. I'm anxious to share my love of creating with you! 

To be considered for the giveaway you must.....

1. Follow Unhinged Vintage (I wouldn't want you to miss future giveaways!)
2. Comment on this post by answering the following questions
  • Name?
  • Age?
  • Hobbies?
3. Visit the Corki Designs Facebook page, here. And 'like' your favorite accessory or piece of jewelry.

Thanks for entering! I can't wait to giveaway these fab little earrings. 

Winner will be chosen Friday, July 20th. 


  1. Name? Nicole Franson
    Age? 21
    Hobbies? Reading, crafting, blogging, running :)

    Those green feather earrings are sooooo pretty!
    Love your blog :)

    xo. Nicole

  2. Name: Elizabeth (hi!)
    Age: 21
    Hobbies: film photography, biking, watching my favorite TV shows, and baking!

  3. Jenny
    Age 37! ( :
    Scrap booking, cooking, spending time with fam