Monday, August 6, 2012

Pretty Little Pendent

If it's illegal to have too much fun doing crafts, then I should probably be in jail. This little bracelet is an idea I thought of a couple weeks ago & only tonight has it become a reality! 

I'm new to stamping. I just purchased my first set of letters a couple days ago. I was anxious to start & made the mistake of not practicing first. oopppps haha....

I think I'm like a lot of crafters... we get an idea in our head... and we just want to make it. We don't want to waste time on 'practicing.' 

Needless to say, after I learned my lesson about practicing, I took up a real pendent and starting this project. 

If your interested in ordering a personalized stamped bracelet visit the Corki Designs webpage here. 

Enjoy, Happy Crafting!
XO court

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  1. I love leather bracelets like this!

    I just stumbled over your blog and i love it!

    Your Newest Follower!